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SK Environmental Solutions Ltd pride themselves on working with the client to give the project the best chance of success whilst also ensuring every eventuality is covered with regard to safeguarding the biodiversity within and around the project area. 

SK Environmental Solutions is led by directors Michael Kurs and Rebecca Shelton who, between them, have over 20 years ecological consultancy experience. Michael and Rebecca have worked side by side for 10 years, forming a strong professional partnership which has allowed the company to grow.

SK Environmental Solutions has developed into a highly reputable environmental consultancy that offers a complete range of ecological surveys and contracting services for developers, conservation groups, public sector and private clients. We employ a team of highly qualified ecological and environmental professionals whose expertise cover an extensive range of environmental specialisms. 

Here at SK we pride ourselves on understanding our clients' business needs and objectives, which means that we can offer the best advice, tailored specifically to the project. 


We recognise the importance of both development and environmental protection. By safeguarding protected sites, species and habitats not only are legal obligations met, but ecological enhancements and a contribution to national biodiversity targets can also be achieved. We are committed to finding innovative ad pragmatic solutions to conflicts that may arise between development and environmental issues.

"When working with SK Environment we have the confidence that ecological matters through planning, on site, mitigation, over-seeing and reporting will be carried out swiftly and with professionalism. SK's approach to problem solving and working with Local Authorities continues to assist St. Modwen's ability to deliver our major regeneration projects on time and within budget."


Wal Groves, Construction Manager, St Modwen


"I have worked with SK Environmental on a number of projects. They are always very professional and give robust reports at a competitive price”


Tony Hills, Damson Architects

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