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SK Environmental Solutions are advocates of the development of the renewable energy sector.  We have worked on a variety of projects assessing the potential ecological impacts from renewable energy schemes. 




We have recently undertaken an assessment of the ecological impacts of a small scale hydropower scheme on the River Caldew, which forms a unit of The River Eden and Tributaries Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is also part of the River Eden Special Area of Conservation (SAC).  

A preliminary ecological appraisal was undertaken to provide a baseline assessment of the ecology of the watercourse and surrounding riparian habitat.  Our freshwater ecology specialist also undertook a Fisheries Assessment and Habitat Suitability Survey in order to fully understand the potential effects on the fauna of the Caldew.  Our findings informed the design process, minimising the ecological impacts of the scheme to the satisfaction of consultees such as the Environment Agency whilst maximising turbine output.



The application is still in the process of determinaion, however SK's assistance was well received by the client. 


"Thanks for your help with this project.  Hope to have a project near you again soon, enjoyed working you." 


Matthew Lomax, Renewables First. 



We have provided ecological input to an application for an onshore wind turbine scheme near Workington in Cumbria, from inception through to the project being  granted permission for the construction of four medium sized turbines. 


An initial ecological site appraisal was undertaken to assess the site for any potential ecological constraints, followed by 12 months of:

  • Vantage Point Surveys (Including Collision Risk Assessment);

  • Breeding Bird Surveys; and

  • Wintering Bird Surveys.


SK ornithologists have experience in a wide range of bird survey techniques in a variety of different habitats. 




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