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SK Environmental Solutions Limited are experienced in undertaking a range of freshwater ecological work. This survey work includes:

  • Electro fishing - primarily undertaken for fish rescues to facilitate in stream management and remediation works, however SK are also experienced in undertaking fish surveys to ascertain species present wihtin waterbodies or water courses. Michael Kurs is certified to undertake electro fishing and is a registered member of the Institute of Fisheries Management. Ash Bennett generally works in partnership with SK undertaking this work.

  • White clawed crayfish rescue - Michael holds a class licence allowing the temporary removal of white clawed crayfish from instream habitat prior to restoration, remediation or in channel maintenance.

  • River corridor surveys - the SK team have experience in mapping river corridors to NRA standards and have undertaken much of this work for United Utilities to identify potential constraints to pipeline installations in Cumbria.

  • Ecological Clerk of Works - the SK team have many years experience acting as ECoW on a number of in channel works from emergency pipe work to monitoring turbidity for silt removal work.

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