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In addition to our core team of ecologists  we also work closely with a number of associate ecologists with varying areas of experise.  This allows us at SK to give the best and most expert advice and service to our clients.




Ash Bennett is a consultant ecologist with over fifteen years’ experience. Ash works as an associate to SK whilst running his own ecological consultancy, Ash Bennett Ecology, based in Cumbria. Ash has undertaken a lot of scientific and commercial survey work including Phase 3 of the Cumbria Great-Crested Newt Species Action Plan for English Nature (now Natural England), the Fourth National Otter Survey of England for the Environment Agency, a survey of Cumbrian Otter Havens for the North West Otter and Rivers Project and an extensive reedbed mapping project covering Cumbria for the Environment Agency and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.


Ash and Michael work closely together for United Utilities undertaking electro fishing surveys and fish rescue projects during the remediation of important United Utilities sites.




Rich Flight originally joined the team in March 2016 from Lloyd Bore. In 2019 Rich decided to focus upon bats and teaching and as such left SK to set up his own practice, Flight Ecology. Rich continues to work closely with SK, providing advice and expertise on a number of ongoing projects.


Rich is a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MCIEEM) and has a Class 2 Natural England protected species licence for bats, as well as survey bat licences for Wales and Scotland. Rich is also Class 2 Natural England protected species licence holder for bats as a Voluntary Roost Visitor and is the Chairman of the South Cumbria Bat Group.

Although Rich's primarily focus is with bats, he also holds a survey licence for barn owls and has extensive experience with other species, such as reptiles, great crested newts and otters.

Rich is a 'Bats and Trees' specialist and carries out tree climbing surveys for bats, as well as delivering CPD courses for arboricultural professionals.



Phil is a terrestrial plant ecologist with a special interest in the restoration and management of semi-natural vegetation communities on damaged substrates, mineral wastes and derelict and brownfield land.  His approach to habitat creation and the repair of damaged and disturbed ecosystems is based on more than 30 years’ research. The application of this to large scale ecological restoration in a wide range of sites and situations are illustrated in CASE STUDIES on his web site.


Michael and Phil have been acquaintances and worked together for nearly ten years. Over the last six years Michael, Rebecca and Phil have worked together on a number of research projects such as the development of Anaerobic Digestate in the commercial market. Phil has advised SK on a number of projects including surveys for ancient woodland for United Utilities and restoration techniques on minerals sites as part of their approved restoration requirements.




Paul joined SK Environmental Solutions Limited on a volunteer basis in 2010 to help with the undertaking of breeding bird surveys at a number of sites over the north west. Since then he has undertaken both bird and tree surveying work for SK Environmental Solutions Limited on a casual basis.


Paul has helped with a number of breeding bird, wintering bird and vantage point surveys over the last five years. He has been an avid bird watcher since childhood and has been a member of a number of ornithological groups including the BTO, RSPB and more recently has become involved with ‘LiverpoolBirders’; an amateur bird watching group based in Liverpool.


Paul has been a volunteer for the British Trust for Ornithology and has undertaken a number of volunteer WeBS surveys over the last few years around the northwest. Since working with SK Environmental Solutions Limited Paul has become familiarised with a number of survey methodologies including vantage point surveys, point counts and line transect surveys.


Paul’s identification skills in the field are excellent. 




Michael and Sam studied together at John Moore’s University in Liverpool. Sam runs his own ecological consultancy (Hesketh Ecology) and the two frequently work together on projects for a number of clients. Sam is passionate about ecology and holds licences for bats, natterjack toads and GCN. Sam is the Chairman of the Cumbrian Amphibian and Reptile group and heavily involved in schemes within his local area.


SK & Hesketh Ecology are currently working on a number of schemes together including projects for United Utilities, great crested newt mitigation schemes for commercial and residential developers and a reptile mitigation scheme for a minerals operator in Cumbria.




Rob initially joined the practice in 2015 as an independent assistant ecologist after graduating from the University of Manchester with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology. In 2017 Rob spent 6 months as a full time empolyee, returning to a sub consultant role in 2018. Rob has assisted in a broad-range of ecological consultancy work across England and south west Scotland including: bat, water vole and bird surveys, fish rescues, river turbidity monitoring, reptile and great crested newt translocations.

Rob specialises in ornithological survey techniques having been an employee and regular volunteer with the RSPB. Rob currently volunteers for the British Trust for Ornithology doing Wetland Bird Surveys (WeBS) on the Solway Coast and as a surveyor of natterjack toads for The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

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