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Great-Crested Newt Case Study: Ropsley Quarry, Lincolnshire

SK Environmental Solutions Limited were asked to produce a European
Protected Species (EPS) mitigation licence in order to translocate a population of great crested newts out of a quarry in Lincolnshire, in order for minerals excavation to proceed.

An EPS application was processed and through close liaison with Natural England was secured on time.


Mitigation measures were put in place and a receptor site, including aquatic and terrestrial environments, was created from a corner of the old quarry. This was sectioned off, bunded and planted up ready for translocation.

Our ecologists worked daily to ensure the quarry was cleared of newts on time. SK Environmental Solutions Limited have just been made aware that the review of minerals production (ROMP) licence has been awarded at the site thanks to the assistance of a number of mitigation strategies produced by SK.

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